BAGELOO- Bagel, Coffee Shop

BAGELOO- Bagel, Coffee Shop
1200 S Diamond Bar Blvd UNIT 102
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
United States

Bageloo’s owner, Kevin Oh is a certified specialty coffee barista and he has greatly selective tastes of handcraft coffee. He is taking coffee crafting very seriously.
What makes his Bageloo Coffee special?
First and foremost, understanding the coffee bean is essential. How to toast it, how to store it, grind it, handle it and brew it. How to love it really, and how to be consistent. He uses the most authentic way to craft his one-of-a-kind coffee.
“It takes a time to make a cup of drip coffee. I have to pour water very slow and wait for the ground coffee to be fully steamed before it is dripped.”
Customers at Bageloo are delighted with its signature Drip Coffee, which has rich and tasty smell and flavors. Please come and enjoy Bageloo’s world class coffee soon!