Self union program Subject : Pranayama / Meditation / Q&A Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Crassier, GE 
Ayubliss a été créée en 2011 à Genève, en Suisse, par le Dr Sangeeta Renard, un médecin qualifié, pour introduire l'Ayurveda authentique dans la région.
New York, NY
Ayurveda Plaza is a renowned online store when it comes to ayurvedic healthcare products. We offer products for skin care, facial, hair care, and body care.
Ayushakti Ayurveda provides the best ayurvedic treatment not only in Mumbai but the entire country. Ayushakti medicines have treated many people.
Baidyanath produces the largest range of Ayurveda products with 700+ formulations, 1 Lakhs retail outlets.
Bipha Ayurveda offers ayurvedic body care products.
Captain Biotech is One of the Leading Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing Company in India. 100% pure herbal and ayurvedic medicines.
Encinitas, CA
Tris Thorp is an organization that not only helps to motivate your inner self and also how to improve your ability to overcome obstacles.
We are a gathering of young fellows and ladies determined to bring unrest called 'Pathmeda Gotham' in this world.