Dr. Jawahar’s motive is to offer a “Healthy Life” to his patients.
Self union program Subject : Pranayama / Meditation / Q&A Friday, Saturday, Sunday
New delhi
Hempstreet is India's first research to retail venture in the Ayurvedic Solution.
Bolderweg, FL 
Albadya is a collection of the best quality herbs and spices from around the world. Herb and spice blends from the most specialized countries of origin.
We Are India’s Most Trusted, Certified, And Fastest-Growing Ayurvedic And Herbal Company, Involved In The Organic Manufacturing Process Of Nature Potent Herbs.
The Ancient Therapy philosophy is simple- to provide you with quality CBD health care products that enable you and your family to nurture good health.
Arlak Biotech Pvt. Ltd is a reputed and homegrown pharmaceutical company, which is engaged in the manufacturing of medicines and allied products.
San Diego, CA
Through Ascend The Frequencies, you can embark on a spiritual and metaphysical journey with ease.
Our products are designed to supplement and bridge the nutritional gap that your lifestyle creates with its hectic demands and choices.
Muscle spasms and tremors are common symptoms of cerebral palsy in children.
Crassier, GE 
Ayubliss a été créée en 2011 à Genève, en Suisse, par le Dr Sangeeta Renard, un médecin qualifié, pour introduire l'Ayurveda authentique dans la région.
Parramatta, NSW
The Ayur Healthcare team is made up of nature lovers and Ayurvedic doctors in Sydney who give professional treatment.
sheikh Zayed Road, DU 
Ayurvedic center in Dubai, Ayurveda Clinic in Dubai
Leelajani Ayur Care
New York, NY
Ayurveda Plaza is a renowned online store when it comes to ayurvedic healthcare products. We offer products for skin care, facial, hair care, and body care.
Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village Centre is located in the small village of Kumarakom.
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Rajeshwari Ayurdhama, Ayurveda treatment in Bangalore, offers various Ayurvedic treatments to inpatients and outpatients in Bangalore.
Perth, WA
The Ayurveda Awareness Centre Perth was founded to bring awareness about the benefits of Ayurveda and help clients achieve the Mind-Body-Spirit connection
Dr. Monga Clinic boasts of a dedicated team of Ayurveda Doctors, Advisors, Strategists and committed patient counseling personnel.
Dr Piyush Juneja is one of the top rated Ayurvedic doctor in Ghaziabad who has been providing excellent holistic treatments for the last 17 years.
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