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Because of the various visual and technological innovations made over the past 30 years, AVEVA InTouch HMI provides integrated data with unprecedented clarity, consistency, and significance. Collectively, these perceptual innovations enhance understanding of the process's recent history, present, and potential future.


More than just a pretty face, Aveva (Wonderware) InTouch HMI frees up application developers to concentrate on the meaty bits of code that will boost efficiency and cut costs across an organization's operations. Thanks to InTouch HMI, operators are able to improve their everyday engagement with industrial automation systems. Because of this, the overall efficiency of the operator is improved.

Through their situational awareness repositories, Asteam technologies offer operators the contextualized information they need to respond swiftly and accurately to aberrant circumstances before they have an influence on operations. The technical simplicity, operational agility, and real-time performance expertise offered by Aveva InTouch HMI software remain a source of corporate value.

Make Use of Your HMI

Provided Symbol Library for Immediate Use

Hundreds of professionally created graphic symbols, many with configurable intelligence alreay embedded, are included in InTouch HMI's library of pre-built, pre-tested faceplates and libraries of pre-built engineering components.

Awareness of the current environment for optimal performance in the field

Graphics from the Situational Awareness Library make up a powerful toolkit for visualizing in real-time. It's a one-of-a-kind tool that helps operators prioritize relevant information in order to reduce wasted time and mental strain. As a result, there is less downtime and an increased emphasis on performance enhancement, safety, and cost management.

Strong and high-tech

Businesses that want to reduce hardware expenditures will find virtualization solutions indispensable. Using Hyper-V and VMware, which are both supported by Aveva (Wonderware) InTouch HMI, you can easily build up duplicate instances of your applications locally or at a separate location for more affordable high availability and recovery procedures.

In order to see InTouch HMI applications across a wide range of screen resolutions without modifying the program, dynamic resolution conversion allows runtime scaling between screen resolutions. Because of this, businesses can operate more nimbly by developing and deploying apps in any environment they choose.

Zoom and pan in real-time.

In a contemporary, multi-touch hardware context, panning and zooming give a straightforward, intuitive way to interact with your visualization applications. If you don't have a multi-touch device, you can still use the Pan and Zoom features with the keyboard and mouse.

Powerful visual features like application clutter/de-clutter are made possible by the programmatic accessibility of the zoom level.

Accessed Visualization Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible Anywhere with the HTML5 Web Client, the most popular HMI in the world is totally portable. Securely monitor or manage plant equipment or operations from anywhere, on any Aveva InTouch HMI solutions are accessible via any HTML5-compliant web browser.

Incomparable safety for your money.

Over the past three decades, AVEVA InTouch HMI has maintained a commitment to its customers by continually delivering an easy upgrade route that safeguards their initial investment. An Aveva (Wonderware) InTouch HMI program written many years ago will continue to function without modification in the most recent release. You may take advantage of the most recent enhancements to hardware and operating systems without having to re-engineer anything.


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