Authentic Vanilla

Sitraka Ratsiresena
68 rue Gordon
Montréal, QC H4G2R3

7a.m - 6 p.m


Authentic Vanilla focuses on Bourbon vanilla bean and professional-grade baking ingredients; we produce from the harvest to obtaining the best vanilla from Madagascar prepared, the pastes and extracts just for you!

The Authentic Vanilla team works with small scale farmers from SAVA, the capital of the world of vanilla. Sons and daughters of native of this area work with us for preparations from harvest to the Dark brown vanilla we sell to you. Our mission is to make vanilla beans – an ingredient once kept only in the pastry chef’s kitchen – more accessible to home cooks around the world, AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES. We want to pass on our love for pure vanilla to you. Our goal is to bring you the finest vanilla powder, vanilla paste and extracts from Madagascar right to your doorstep.

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