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Atlas Health Solutions
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Our chiropractor, Dr. Kleinman has helped 1000s of patients live the life they want to live without restriction or compromise. He began his Chiropractic practice in 1983 utilizing a procedure known as Atlas Orthogonal which is a gentle and safe spinal correction that does not crack or pop the spine or the neck. Atlas Health Solutions offers a multidisciplinary team approach in dealing with each individual’s needs. Atlas Chiropractic in Stuart focuses not only on alleviating a patient’s pain but also places emphasis on health and wellness, through nutrition, core strengthening, and patient education. Chiropractic is considered the safest, drug-free therapy available. Many patients feel immediate relief following the chiropractic adjustment, but some may experience mild soreness or stiffness as they do after some form of exercise.

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Atlas Health Solutions
1339 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Florida 34996, United States
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