Astra Optix

Astra Optix
118 N. Conistor Ln
Liberty, MO 64068
United States


Our passion is designing, developing and distributing quality optics with you in mind. We are constantly testing and developing products that support your outdoor needs so you have full confidence when you’re out in the field or at the range. Our in-house testing services confirm our high expectation for quality, and we continue to set the bar high when developing new and innovative products. Plus, we offer our unique products directly to you from the production line without the ridiculous mark-up.

We understand there are many great product options out there, and it is difficult to truly identify what features are important in regards to performance and quality. Therefore, our team is determined to be the first sporting optics brand to give you accurate and transparent information that actually shows quality and how well our products perform—all from our internal testing capabilities against optical standards. The term ‘VALUE’ actually means something to us, and it’s our mission to provide you with superior quality optics at an affordable price. Welcome to Astra Optix, the new optics standard.