Areca’s colourful range of solid ACP Sheet Colours sheets

Areca's Solid ACP Sheet Colours sheets are plain sandwich panels in different colors with no unique texture or effect. If you want simple exterior ACP sheets with good flatness, no bubbles or impurities, strong stain resistance, strong weather resistance, antibacterial properties, and discoloration resistance, solid color ACP sheets are the way to go! To see more color options, Take a peek at our solid color ACP sheet collection displayed below.
Solid ACP Sheet Colours sheets can be used for exterior walls, curtain wallboard, interior wall, and ceiling decoration, advertising lightbox signboard, firebox, electrical equipment, exhibition bench, dust purification, and dust-proofing applications. In addition, these ACP sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing you to find the exact ACP sheet color and size according to your needs!