Arborist Consultation and Diagnosis, Deep Root Feeding

Tree Theory
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We are Arizona's Premier Tree Care and Landscape Asset Management Consultants. We provide essential services for Community Managers, HOA Boards, and homeowners who care about the health and long-term appearance of their landscape assets. We are known for our Landscape Audit™ which is an all-inclusive evaluation of all elements of your landscape, from the soil to the horticulture and trees, to your irrigation and hardscape. We leave no stone unturned. The Tree Theory team of experts includes Arborists, Irrigation Specialists, Real Estate Professionals, Landscape Architects, an Environmental Engineer, and fertilization technicians. Our goal is to help you have the best trees and shrubs in Arizona. We diagnose and treat all landscape issues, commercial and residential. And because of the harsh arid climate in Arizona, soil rejuvenation and deep root feeding is a primary focus. Your trees and shrubs need and deserve extra help offered only by Tree Theory to help them thrive in the engineered environment of which they are a part.