Aquila Clouds

SF-221, 2nd Floor, IT Complex, JMD Megapolis Village Tikri, Sohna Road, GURGAON

Aquila Clouds embrace the paradigm of Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Optimization (CMCO). Regardless of where you are in your cloud development and deployment, we provide you with the capabilities to ensure a smooth daily operation. We offer a SaaS platform that manages, monitors and improves your cloud applications across multi-clouds, providing comprehensive visibility, governance and optimization of cloud spend, application and business service performance, and automation.

Our Services:

* Financial Transparency & Governance
* Cloud cost analytics before cloud bills arrive
* Cost aggregation according to groups of business lines, applications, users
* Early detection of cloud cost anomalies to avoid unexpectedly high bills
* Cloud footprint (i.e., instance type, resource configuration, etc.)
* Forecast for capacity planning
* ML-based prediction of metric trending for proactive recommendations for changes Cloud Economics Transformation
* Application and infrastructure metrics tracking
* Actionable recommendations to save cloud costs on cloud instance size, storage provisioning, and more
* Streamline spot instance usage to lower cloud spends Automated Application & Infrastructure Optimization
* Automated rightsizing of cloud instances
* Application SLA guarantee
* Alerts for application and infrastructure anomalies on cloud and Kubernetes