Applicability of SMLS in Pipe Transportation Industries

Global Seamless Tubes and Pipes
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Generally, the utilization of seamless pipes depends on the pipe-wall thickness. Seamless pipe manufacturers induce higher temperatures to produce pipes and tubes with thicker walls as it reduces deformation resulting in larger deflections.
• Since the seamless pipes are able to resist high pressure, they are being widely used in high-pressure applications including refineries, hydraulic cylinders, hydrocarbon industries, and in Oil and Gas infrastructure. These industries mostly use A53, A106, A333, A312, A358, etc., and API 5L pipe in their machineries.
• On the other hand, Seamless pipes are quite popular in nuclear devices, natural gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding and boiler industries.
• These pipes are used in transportation of oil, gas, water and hot water in various industries.
• Antistatic tubes of wind power plant are also made of high-quality seamless steel tubes.
• Seamless Steel pipes can be cut, grooved or threaded as per requirement. Generally, the coating process is done with black or red lacquer, hot dip galvanization and varnish paints etc.

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