Apex Studio Builders

11150 Peachtree Dr
Miami, FL 33161
United States

Mon to Fri 9AM - 6PM

Apex Studio Builders specializes in room soundproofing as well as acoustic and pro audio consultation and construction. We use only top-quality materials to create clean and accurate acoustics for all our clients. Beyond the perfect acoustic environment is our dedication to excellence in pro audio equipment. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge necessary to provide accurate sound to every single one of the rooms and studios we work on. And finally, we love to create a vibe. It's no secret that a studio with a great aesthetic will create an inspiring and productive environment for artists and producers who use it. Our advanced LED designs and installations are clean and beautiful, making every room we design and build the perfect place for music of every genre.
Full Address: 11150 Peachtree Dr, Miami, FL 33161, USA