Anne Serry - Therapist

Anne Serry - Therapist
106 Canterbury Road
Middle Park, VIC 3205

9am - 5pm / Monday to Friday

As a trauma specialist and psychotherapist, I focus on trauma recovery, whilst facilitating clients to see, believe and reach their true potential.

My purpose is to help clients move from pain, struggle and suffering towards health and well-being. When clients reclaim their innate sense of authority over themselves, they begin to thrive.

I prefer to work holistically, incorporating our minds (conscious awareness), our bodies (somatic practices) and the deeper parts of our brain (the subconscious mind). Everything within us is interconnected, so it makes sense to work with all our different parts to create a whole.

The work involves making sense of the past, healing the past, and then creating a foundation of self, based on awareness and actualisation. In this way living a full and enriched life becomes a given not just a dream. It is by being truly present in the here and now, creating the healthy mindset, beliefs, and habits that we begin to reach our true potential.

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