Angel’s Touch Mobile Phlebotomy Service

Angel’s Touch Mobile Phlebotomy Service
Newark, NJ 07106
United States

Angel's Touch is highly concerned with advocating the importance of following through with lab testing as a form of awareness for treatment and preventative care. We believe that when a patient avoids testing whether because of inconvenience or the thought that such testing is unnecessary, the patient is, in turn, neglecting their body and overall health. That's why educating our patients on their health, possible reasons for performing specific tests, and a step-by-step walk-through of how we will perform a particular test is of utter importance to us.
Angel's Touch Mobile Phlebotomy Service LLC is a Phlebotomy Specialist located in Newark, NJ. We offer Mobile Phlebotomy Services, Blood Dumping Services, Blood Donation, Bloodletting Services, and other Phlebotomy Services. Here at Angel's Touch, we understand blood donating can be difficult and nerve-wracking. We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable and secure through the whole process. Call us today!

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