Amour Banquet Hall

Amour Banquet Hall
1714 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Los Angeles, CA 90028
United States


"The Amour Banquet Hall is passionate about capturing the vision of a host or hostess and then bringing that vision to life. From setting up breathtaking tables to creating bright, matching centerpieces, we attend to every detail, allowing you to enjoy your event without distraction. Since 1998, we’ve provided Hollywood with incredible entertainment space on the ground floor of the historic Knickerbocker building. Even though the building may be historic, our recent renovations have transformed our space to look open, modern, and bright. Our banquet hall can easily be rearranged to fit your design specifications. Request floor plans from us for suggestions, or come with your own. We would be happy to arrange the space to fit your needs."