Amica Tea

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United States

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Organic green tea manufacturer and wholesaler producing pure organic green teas in liquid green tea packets, Amica green tea is available in caffeinated or decaf varieties and in natural organic, lemon green tea, raspberry and peach green tea flavors.

We welcome wholesaler enquiries and provide bulk green tea counter packs for retailers and restaurants. Amica teas contain the highest EGCG catechin & free radical fighting antioxidants for a healthy green tea that is pleasant to taste and instant for green tea on the go.

Amica green tea is a pure organic green tea available in caffeinated or decaffeinated varieties. Our proprietary decaffeination process takes nothing out of the tea but caffeine, producing a decaf green tea that retains all of the minerals, vitamins & antioxidants of natural organic green tea.

Founded in 1999 Amica is a leading instant green tea wholesaler producing pre-brewed instant organic green tea packets that can be added to hot or cold water for instant organic green tea. Our teas contain many essential vitamins & minerals that promote health and wellness, pure organic green teas.

Amica tea is pure organic Chinese green tea cultivated at the peak of freshness in the Wuyi mountains of China. Our superior green tea contains up to 300mg of antioxidants in each serving. Choose from caffeinated or decaf green tea in original, lemon, peach or raspberry green tea flavors.