Aluminium Vial Crimping Machine

The vial crimper, mouth and handle part are all made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and rust. every tool made by us is customized, made individually, not by a production line. We have the ability to design and manufacture vial crimpers to meet special or unique needs, so the label marking of the bottle will be good, 100% matched.
The Athena vial crimper is suitable for low volume manipulation operations and sample preparation functions. Paper inserts are safe, reliable, durable, smooth, well-organized. The crimping machine reduced housing pumps offer another option for lower costs for folding pumps, but it also offers a higher look to your finished package. The crimping machine is safe and functional, with no need for electricity or compressed air, trouble-free operation. The head of the crimping machine is designed with precise borders, for more accuracy.
There are 2 parts of the scratching head and the beating hand.
the hand crimper is designed and constructed with a flexible blockchain on the crimper's head that allows the operator to adjust the length of the stroke that accompanies the lump when the signal is struck.
the machine is widely used in the perfume industry, where small and medium production is required. If more production is needed, and if more work is available, then this machine is also suitable.