Alternative, Non-Clinical Careers For Doctors

Mantra Systems - Medical Device Regulatory Consult
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United Kingdom

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Beyond the Ward is designed to be a community of healthcare professionals who provide mutual support as they explore career options outside clinical practice. Beyond the Ward was founded by Dr Paul Hercock, a doctor with 15 years clinical experience in the NHS.

During his clinical career, Paul developed an increasing interest in the industry that produces and supplies life-saving medical devices and drugs to the medical front-line. Realising that doctors have an important role to play in ensuring that these products are safe and effective, he decided to explore non-clinical career opportunities. After several years of trial and error he eventually secured a position as Medical Advisor with a multinational medical device company.

Along the way, valuable lessons were learned about how to move from clinical practice into a career in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry. Beyond the Ward passes these lessons on to you.