Ali Shan Oolong- Golden Tea Leaf

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Our passion for high-quality Taiwan tea has made us the award-winning producer of various Taiwan style Oolong tea. We combine the latest technology and the traditional methodology to get the best product. Our highly inspired team keeps on moving heaven and earth in order to find the amazing tastes from all over the world. Our searches from fields and mountains brought different varieties for you such as- wild dried Porcini; Canadian wild Morels; Honey red jade black; milk Oolong; Iris orchid dangcong. It doesn’t end here- if you are looking for something extra, then we even have dried chanterelles, Sun moon lake black tea, Wuyi Oolong, Charcoal roasted Oolong, Ali shan Oolong, and Gui Fei Duchess Oolong. Get your perfect tea from our reputed best Oolong tea brand, that aims at providing authentic and quality-oriented flavors.