Alexandra Robins Pet Photographer

Wharf House, 10 Martinslade, Seend
Melksham, WIL SN12 6RT
United Kingdom

Monday to Sunday 9am–5pm

Do you look at your pet and wonder how someone can be so cute? Do you wish to capture those adorable faces and their little shenanigans? Contact Alexandra Robins Pet Photographer. As a photographer and big time pet lover, I believe our pets are just as much part of the family as our closest relatives and they deserve to be in the family’s photo album too. I’m passionate about photographing animals, and my goal is to capture them at what they do best - being adorable. I understand that some pets are difficult to tame, especially during a photoshoot. Trust me, I have been a dog owner and cat owner for a long time, and I know how to deal with their pet-peeves and ensure a smooth photography experience for everyone involved. Call now to book a shoot.