Ajay Manufacturing Company - Bench Vise & Lubricant Equipment

Ajay Manufacturing Company - Bench Vise & Lubrican
B-22 Industrial Estate near Pathankot Bye Pass
Jalandhar, India


Ajay Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of equipment, Lubrication tools, bench vice, workbench vise and manufacturer of hardware gate accessories. The Ajay Manufacturing Company team comprises production and growth experts in Europe, the USA, Russia, South America, South Africa, etc. we still have competence in the global, as well as in the local, etc. We trust in the fields of design, research, quality checking, and engineering. We have outstanding manufacturing, consisting of engineers and distributors, high quality products and a strong quality control in compliance with international standards. In order to ensure the excellence of the equipment, checks are carried out in each step of production with regard to the consistency of bench visas and lubricant materials. Our strategy of optimizing customer loyalty through the delivery of goods and services to suit our customers ' needs has always been our secret behind success.