Advanced Shipment Tracking and Package Tracking Software

gomti nagar

Providing centralized solution where all the courier partners integrated into one system that helps ecommerce companies to track their shipment at once and generate the reports of RTO orders, which is very difficult process to collect RTO orders and connect with each courier partner courier boys for RTO Package Collection. In that scenario we are helping these companies with our solution by giving them consolidated report of each RTO Orders, so that they can manage that easily without login into multiple panels of the courier partner portals. We are also Notifying customers with Latest Order Status Update via Email, SMS & Whatsapp with tracking URL, which helps customers to track their orders by just clicking the single URL. Another major feature of our system is to show rating of each order which is delivered, given by customer. That solves ecom companies to filter the best courier partners and that also explains to customer about the the order delivery experience.