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Adapt Plumbing & Heating Engineer Ltd
4 Rosa Court, Elder Cres
Andover, HAM SP10 3XZ
United Kingdom

Mon-Fri: 8am–6pm, Sat-Sun: 10am–4pm

A boiler is responsible for providing your home with heat and hot water. Failure to perform both or any of these functions reflects a fault in your boiler. If left unchecked, this fault can also lead to serious health threats like carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and even explosions. Adapt Plumbing & Heating Engineer Ltd is a fully accredited company offering professional and reliable boiler repair and maintenance services in Andover, Hampshire and surrounding areas. We also offer gas safety checks, general plumbing, and power flushing services at the most affordable prices. To know more about our services and book an appointment, visit our website now!