New York City, NY
Marc gives the patients the time, attention, and long – term results they should receive from a professional licensed acupuncturist and healer.
Hallowell, ME
Highland Heights, OH
At The Highland Wellness Center, we have a focus on Functional Medicine.
Calgary, AB
The Port Physiotherapy aims at providing personal, 1-to-1 care in developing and maintaining the musculature necessary to live an active life.
Lakewood, CO
The Root Acupuncture has successfully used acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to treat a wide range of conditions.
Huddersfield, WYK
Taking care of our mind and body is crucial in a world full of stress.
Torrance, CA
Our team at Trinity understands that changes in habits are an important step in establishing healthy patterns, which will lead to increased overall health.
Orlando, FL, USA, FL
Why Vellisimo Aesthetics?
Nokomis, FL
Venice Acupuncture & Functional Neurology
Lady Lake, FL
Vijuvia Life Centers are careful and thoughtful in follow-up treatments to be sure of the finest care and greatest outcomes.
Surrey, BC
Vital Physio is a Physiotherapy Center in Surrey, BC where you can get the latest medical news and consultations.
EphuroaLabs Vitamin D3 is important for our body to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy.
Additionally, vitamin K2 also plays a crucial role in the body’s absorption of calcium to support
Eugene, OR
Integrated care for a life in balance.
San Jose, CA
Wellness Acupuncture
Vancouver, BC
West End Wellness
Whitby, , ON
You can expect understanding, patience, caring, integrity and excellent clinical knowledge when you visit our centres.
Hove, ESX
White Tara Clinic
Philadelphia, PA
Yang institute provides integrative therapy for mental health, brain health, pain & chronic illness.
Saint Augustine, FL
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