ACP Sheets Manufacturer in India

Aludecor Lamination Pvt Ltd
5th Floor, Martin Burn Building, Suite No. 52, 1,
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

10 AM to 7 PM

More than a decade ago Aludecor decided to take the position of thought leadership in the industry. Aludecor has come a long way since then, but are no less eager to keep raising the bar for themself. Maybe it’s this eagerness that has been the most instrumental in driving Aludecor to set new benchmarks in the industry so consistently.

The most recent achievement by Audecor is the launch of the first and only made-in-India A2 grade fire retardant ACP which has fireproof properties close to metals. Aludecor has even gone a step ahead and launched the #BeatTheFire movement to contribute towards improving the fire safety of our buildings.

Owing to high urban density, our cities are going to develop more and more vertically. Aludecor is going to have more and more high-rises. Buildings will keep becoming taller. Hence, fire safety should be at the top of the agenda today. We at Aludecor are thus trying to get everyone acknowledge this burning issue of fire safety so that we can do everything within our capacity to improve the scenario.