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The incorporation of Ablaze Glass Works in 1985 was motivated by the need to supply high-quality scientific glass equipments to researchers. Since 1985, we have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of borosilicate glass reactors and accessories for use at the research and development (R&D), pilot plant (pilot), and production (production) scales, respectively. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, etc., Ablaze has cornered the global market over the course of 30 years.

Our mission is to meet the engineering demands of businesses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and allied industries. With a focus on meeting the unique needs of our customers in the dynamic process industry. The ultimate goal is to better meet the demands of our clientele by introducing new and exciting items on a regular basis. To provide unmatched product quality and service to our customers on an ongoing basis.

An integral part of Ablaze's mission is serving its customers. 100% customer satisfaction drives us to perform better than we do. We want to be more than just a vendor to your business; we want to be a dependable contributor to your success. Our core principles include flexibility, dedication to our customers, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Customers' needs and happiness are our top priorities, and meeting those goals has helped us succeed. From the very start of a project, our team works to fully grasp the specific process needs of the client, then designs and manufactures products to meet those specifications. Our support staff is quick to reply to questions, both before and after a purchase.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to become the world's preeminent manufacturer of high-quality glass goods known for its commitment to product innovation and customer service.

Our Values:
● Operational Excellence:
Aim for greater than expected levels of productivity, dependability, and quality at all times.

● Innovation:
Innovation in our methods and procedures will allow us to get better and better results.

● Our People:
We pool our skills for the greater good.

● Integrity:
Honesty and steadfastness to our values at all times is required.

● Sustainability:
Make it possible for the company to function and expand without negatively impacting the local community or the planet.

Our Strategy:
● To offer industry-specific education, leadership, advice, direction, as well as expertise.
● Boost the consumption of industrial glass equipment with additional value.
● Promote open communication among its members and Divisions.
● Give the industrial glass equipment manufacturing sector a cohesive front on issues that impact it.



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