11515 Crosby Freeway Houston, TX 77013
texas, TX 77013
United States

8AM - 5PM

AAIT is a scaffolding company in Houston where we manufacture, distribute, and wholesale products that prioritizes the quality of the products. We recognize that in our ever-changing professional landscape, we must treat every customer in a manner that addresses their specific concerns. Our personable team is dedicated to supplying not only the finest quality equipment but service as well.

We are a global supplier of various types of high-quality scaffolding accessories. We Distribute Cuplock, Ringlock, Shoring, and related scaffold components to construction companies, refineries, shipyards, scaffold rental outfits, scaffolding suppliers, and all end users that utilize scaffolding equipment.

We understand that having a diverse scaffold inventory with high stock levels is necessary for this industry, so we have fully stocked a yard in Houston, Texas with the most popular scaffold components including every piece of equipment.

Our scaffold yard in Houston is conveniently located on the east side and is accessible from all major highways intersecting in and out of the city. The manufacturing processes are in-house from raw materials to finished goods under one roof. All our products are Hot Dip Galvanized. They are durable and safe.