A land survey, or property survey, is a professional report that outlines the boundaries, dimension

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A land survey, or property survey, is a professional report that outlines the boundaries, dimensions, and geographic features of a property. It can also outline natural or man-made landmarks, lot size, utilities, and topography. Land surveyors typically visit your property to assess its features and boundaries and study public records in order to make a comprehensive property survey report.You may need a land survey to confirm the boundaries of your property, plot out a construction project, secure a mortgage loan, or confirm any easements or encroachments on a piece of property before you buy it. Land surveys can also help you figure out how much property is yours to maintain, as well as how much you have to work with when making additions or renovations.Every piece of property has a specific allotment of land within its predetermined property lines. Your county’s “plat”—or property line map—defines the specific dimensions of these boundaries. These maps are plotted by surveyors from the United States General Land Office, and they are items of public record that can typically be found at your county recorder or assessor's office. Land surveyors will further measure your property to help determine where exactly your limits lie.A land surveyor can determine the aspects and boundaries of the property you’re looking to buy or make additions to. This can help determine how much you pay for a home or which renovations you can legally perform. For instance, if you like a home because it has a yard big enough for a pool, a land survey might reveal that your desired spot has sewage pipes running beneath it which may affect how much you pay for the home or whether you choose to purchase. A surveyor can help you delineate the legal boundary lines or your property to avoid encroachments on someone else’s land, or determine if someone is encroaching on yours.If you are interested for demo pls contact us +918296698585