8 Of The Best Grocery Delivery Services In 2022

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Just because you are stuck at home due to social distancing and self-isolating restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious restaurant food. UberEats and Seamless are the customers’ favorite food ordering and delivery services, but you can’t always order food from an expensive restaurant.

Besides, it affects your health and weight management goals. You don’t really need to order meals from restaurants and cafes regularly, especially when there are tons of grocery delivery apps out there. Here are the 8 popular grocery mobile apps that are trending lately.

Amazon Fresh
This one is for Amazon Prime members only. If you have a prime member subscription and you live in one of the 2000 cities where this service is available, then there isn’t a better way to order fresh groceries than Amazon Fresh. You are eligible for free delivery if you order groceries worth $35. Additional cost includes a prime membership account, which costs $119/year. Most people already have that, so it’s not a big deal.

Walmart Grocery
The second most popular retail giant in the food industry is Walmart. It is available in 1600 cities and costs $7.95 to $9.95 for delivery. You will be eligible for free delivery if you have the Walmart Delivery Unlimited plan. The Walmart Grocery service has started recently, but it’s a perfect option for Walmart’s regular customers.

Safeway Delivery
Get your required grocery items from Safeway Delivery at a $10 delivery fee. The app doesn’t require membership, but its delivery fee is pretty high. Besides, the service operates for only a limited duration starting at 8 AM to 10 PM.

InstaCart is a grocery delivery app that connects people to local grocery stores. It allows you to select a grocery store from the list of shops connected with this app and place an order at InstaCart. You don’t need a membership for this app. Besides, it allows you to get substitute items if the product you are trying to purchase is out of stock.

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Google Shopping
Google Shopping is not the best choice for perishable goods, but for non-perishable groceries, it is your ideal platform. You can use FedEx and UPS for fast delivery. A good choice for those ordering pasta and other packaged food.

Shipt is a bit costly, but the safest and fastest grocery delivery app on the market. You need to buy a membership that costs $99 per year or $14 per month. The service is associated with many grocery stores located in 200 cities. It enables users to buy goods from different stores. You can also talk to the store owner if you’d like help with your order and delivery needs.

FreshDirect offers meals and grocery items to customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. If you are looking for a grocery app that serves fresh meals at the best prices, FreshDirect is your way to go.

Thrive Market
Buy the membership of Thrive Market to become eligible for free delivery. It offers nationwide delivery services and is one of the fastest ways to have your grocery delivered to your doorstep within hours. Thrive Market has more than 6,000 products from many reputable brands, offering a 50% discount on retail products. However, the membership costs you $59 per year or $9.95 per month.

If you are a grocery store owner, you can invest in grocery delivery app development and build a high-quality app for your store. So, these were the top grocery delivery services in 2021 you can consider for grocery shopping this year. Good Luck!