2d cnc wire bending machine

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The 2D CNC wire bending machine is one of the futuristic machines which produces the best 2D output forms. Like the CNC Wire Bending normal working process, it pursues the work and forms the output. Hence, it is not necessary to prefer a higher rate of CNC machines. Initially, the user gives metal or other suitable input to the de-coiler. The coiled wire is straightened using the wire straightener. 2D wire bending machine includes a straightening unit and feeding mechanism. The vertical and horizontal plane straightening units are available within the machine. Then, the machine feeds the wire to the wire feeder with a roller. Hence, the wire guide of 800 mm long ensures the 360° rotation for the wire bends. The wire was then bent according to the customer's requirement. The bending part consists of two parts: inner and outer bending. Therefore, the output wire bend on both sides. It is then cut when the preferred shape is formed. The servo motor ensures the working of the wire bending machine effectively.
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