16mm Film To DVD

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LIFETIME HERITAGE FILMS INC knows that 16mm film systems are almost obsolete. If you have some interesting family video, you can transfer the videos to DVD in order to make them digital and high quality. Your treasured memories captured on film, whether it be 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, 28mm, or 35mm, will not last the test of time. With our cutting-edge technology, we can transfer film to digital resolutions of HD, 2K, 4K or 5K. And we still do transfer film to DVD. The existing consumers moved to the high-quality digital video systems. Now, it is possible to transfer 16mm film to DVD and experience the advanced technology with innovation. Buy a replacement or digitize them yourself Digitizing film is our specialty. Just ask the documentary film producers, the archives, museums, and many consumers that we've already helped. Contact us today so you can enjoy your treasures tomorrow. Although, 16mm film systems are now removed from the product lines of most of the electronics manufacturers, you can find some seller with those old systems. In some cases, you will find a combo unit having a DVD, but it is quite difficult to find a seller near you. There is software available in the market to get your task done. Get software that allows you to edit your files, and help you save them in your desired format as well.