124 Shoes

287 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

With just about 40 years of experience in the footwear industry, 123 Shoes are looking to provide a unique, artisanal experience for shoe lovers. We feature a hand-selection collection of meticulously crafted footwear, leather goods, fragrances and accessories for men and women. Our goal is to provide quality footwear in limited quantities, fitting between mass-market retailers and luxury brands. Each of our collections is sourced and curated from Italy's finest footwear manufacturing regions, and is crafted by respected makers, embracing artisan techniques, using the finest materials, traditional techniques and sophisticated lasts to give each shoe a unique signature look.

Visit our website, or one of our 124 stores in Sydney and Melbourne thate are filled with the scent of real leather, visual fusion of vintage furniture and artwork. The elegance and style of our first 124 boutique store in Russel Place are now echoed in all 124 stores that you can find in the Emporium Melbourne, Chadstone and The Galeries in George Street, Sydney. Come and browse the finest leather footwear Australia has to offer, find great deals and have them shipped to you worldwide.