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Truck accidents are some of the most serious accidents there are. They involve a huge. Heavy truck barreling into a small passenger vehicle. The impact is tremendous. The driver in the car really doesn’t stand a chance against a tractor-trailer. They just can’t withstand the impact. This is why truck accidents cause such serious injuries and even death. St Petersburg truck accident attorney represents dozens of clients every year who were injured in a truck accident. They will stand by your side from the moment you file your claim until you get paid.

Whether we like it or not, we have to share the road with commercial trucks. They carry cargo from one side of the country to the other. They work long hours and they drive late into the night. This means that there are times when they will make mistakes. Most truck accidents are caused by negligence. In order to prevail under a negligence claim, you must prove that the truck driver was at fault. This is why we have skilled truck accident attorneys in St. Petersburg. We have a variety of experienced attorneys at Winters and Yonker. If you are in an accident, whether it is an Uber accident and require an Uber accident lawyer or a truck accident lawyer, contact us today for a FREE consultation.