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Topographical Survey Company In Marathahalli

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Topographical Survey Company In Marathahalli. Topographic map surveys are carried out to measure land surface features and levels at the project site for various purposes such as urban and regional planning, design of road and utility lines projects, site preparation (leveling), volumes and quantities calculations. This is for topographic maps of various sizes, scales, and formats according to the purpose for which the maps are used. Topographic data collection can be done using traditional survey systems or satellite positioning systems. The details, accuracy, and location conditions and limitations of the project schedule often determine the type of system and the spatial technology used, and both methods (conventional or satellite positioning systems) have nearly identical results and can therefore be used. We at Scon design Survey Company realize the importance of topographic data for our clients, as this data is considered as one of the vital inputs in the various stages of designing and planning the project. Supervising it by a team of specialists in charting and site surveys, and most importantly, ensuring accuracy and quality throughout the project. All outputs undergo various tests according to the highest recognized professional standards. Company has a balance of an area of many survey projects Tabgrave and topographic mapping for various engineering and planning purposes. Our list of featured projects includes some examples from the topographic mapping work we have done. When performing a topographic survey of a site. As Scondesign experts say, the survey is conducted with permission from the Architectural Department or the Cadastral Service. In its absence, the survey results will not be accepted for approval. If a topographic survey is conducted for the construction of a private house, cottage, cottage, or any other personal needs, then work permission is not required.