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We staff healthcare facilities with vetted and qualified medical professionals. Medical worker shortages around the country have increased the demand for skilled and experienced workers who can hit the ground running. ProLink Healthcare can provide you with nurses, physicians, lab techs, and a collection of other in-demand health workers at scale.

We collaborate closely with your organization to better understand your staffing needs and the manner in which your company is run. We help you fill job opportunities quickly and efficiently with skilled medical professionals whenever you have the need.

No matter how many career opportunities you have available, we can provide you with pre-trained and reliable healthcare staff.

This lets you directly hire job seekers for a variety of key roles. For your travel nurse staff and other healthcare professionals, we customize our solutions to take care of the application process, interviewing, and onboarding, according to your facility's preference. Partnering with us allows you to focus on the success of your healthcare facility and positive patient outcomes.