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1. What are badminton balls called?
The ball in badminton is called a shuttlecock. It is also informally known as the bird or birdie. The shuttlecock sport ball or the badminton ball has two parts to it. It is in a conical shape with feathers on top and a rubber bottom. Life CLub has the top badminton court in Pune with the best facilities and equipment.

2. What is a badminton court called?
Badminton is played on a rectangular court that is divided into halves using a net. While the doubles court is wider than the singles court, the length remains the same for both. Life Club’s badminton court in Pune has badminton courts equipped and efficient for both singles and doubles. .

3. What are the different badminton courts?
Wooden Court
Acrylic Court
Synthetic Court
Life Club offers the best, well-equipped, and great quality badminton court in Pune. We also have the best Cricket Ground in Pune along with a lot of other sports, coaching, and activities.