The Best Ways to Utilize Low Budget Simple House Design

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Generally speaking, if a person likes to build a house in the cheapest way, First of all, Plan for the entire place of the Square or Rectangular land. By doing this the person has simplified the house designs.
If you are concerned about the square or rectangular shaped house don’t worry, it will make an exterior design more exciting with Lighting, Shutters, and landscaping Decorations.
Another part of the classical look of the house is hidden in the roof. In fact, there are plenty of roof designs that will transform your low budget home into a Hi-Fi look.
Moreover, in this article, I will share some tips on how to build a low budget simple house design and make its exterior designs seem like a modern house.
When we Build a Low Budget simple house design Single Floor it totally consists of a Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom with Attached Toilet Bathroom, Common Toilet Bathroom and Outer range of Staircase.
It is totally covered with below 600sq.ft
The Living Room is exactly 174 square feet in area and 15’6”x11’9 “in size. It has two windows, one on the front and another one on the right. The total budget is under 12,00,000/- only
The Kitchen is 48 square feet in area and 8’x6’ in size. It has one window on the Front Side the position of this will be considered as Vastu Shastra
The Bedroom is Approximately 146 square feet in area and 11’2”x 11’ in size. It has one window on the Right side top and in the bedroom also one attached toilet bathroom its 4’x5’8” in Size
Common Toilet Bathroom is exactly 20 square feet in area and 4′ x 5’ in size and in the Top it has ventilation facilities
Finally, these are the Low Budget Single Floor House Design, it is also known as Vastu house Design or Vastu House Plan
Is it possible to have a 3 bedroom house on a low budget simple house design, Yeah, it is possible. How do you think that is? I will explain the answer to your question below