Salesforce Approval Process | Guide on Approval Process in Salesforce

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What is Salesforce Approval Process?

Salesforce Approval Process is a feature within the Salesforce platform that allows organizations to automate and streamline their approval workflows. It enables businesses to define a structured and consistent process for reviewing and approving records, such as sales deals, purchase orders, expense reports, and more.

With the Salesforce Approval Process, you can set up rules and criteria that determine when a record should be submitted for approval and who should approve it. The process includes various steps, actions, and notifications to ensure that the right people are involved in making decisions.

Features of Salesforce Approval Process?

Flexible Configuration: The Approval Process is highly configurable and can be tailored to meet specific business requirements. Administrators can easily set up and modify approval processes using point-and-click tools in the Salesforce Setup interface, without the need for coding.

Multiple Approval Steps: You can define multiple approval steps within a process, allowing for complex approval chains involving multiple levels of review. Each step can have its own set of criteria, approvers, actions, and notifications.

Approval Criteria: Approval criteria can be set based on field values, formulas, user roles, or other conditions. These criteria determine which records are subject to the approval process, ensuring that only relevant records are routed for review.
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Types of Salesforce Approval Process?

In Salesforce, there are three main types of approval processes available:

Standard Approval Process: The standard approval process is the most commonly used type. It allows you to define a linear sequence of steps that a record must go through for approval. Each step can have one or more assigned approvers who have the authority to approve or reject the record. The standard approval process is suitable for straightforward approval workflows where records move through a predefined path.

Jump-Start Approval Process: The jump-start approval process is a variation of the standard approval process. It allows you to skip certain approval steps based on predefined conditions or criteria. This type of process is useful when you want to expedite the approval process for specific records that meet certain criteria, bypassing unnecessary steps.

Parallel Approval Process: The parallel approval process allows multiple steps of approval to occur simultaneously. This type of process is useful when different groups or departments need to review and approve a record concurrently, rather than sequentially. Parallel approval processes can help expedite decision-making and reduce approval time for certain types of records.