Rost Group - HR provider

Rost Group - HR provider
Ukraine, Kyiv, 01033 st. Zhilyanska, 29, Aquamarin
Kyiv, Ukraine

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HR provider ROST GROUP is the best partner in personnel selection.
Cooperation with the HR provider ROST GROUP is your access to the expertise of a professional team of recruiters who use the most effective tools, resources, networking and customized solutions in the selection of personnel, taking into account your requirements, as well as the specifics of the work.

Our services:
 Recruitment. IT recruiting
 Personnel Outstaffing
 Outplacement
 Outsourcing of personnel
 Staff leasing, temporary staff
 HR outsourcing/ Labor-book processing
 Payroll outsourcing
 Mass recruitment
 Accounting Outsourcing
 Outsourcing of labor protection and fire safety
 Registration of foreigners for work
Save your time, take advantage of using expert help from HR professionals. Get effective solutions backed by the trust of our partners. Cooperation with us is the key to healthy image of your business.

200+ national and international partners
500+ successfully completed projects



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