Medical Tourism for Weight Loss Surgery in Pakistan

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Medical Tourism for Weight Loss Surgery in Pakistan
Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeries are being offered as obesity & weight loss treatment under an economical “International Patients Care Program by Alsa Pakistan”​
Alsa Pakistan promotes medical tourism and offers an extensive range of facilities in terms of laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries. We are explicitly known for excellent patients care and service. Dr. Tahir Yunus, one of the most competent laparoscopic surgeons, is among the top-rated doctors in Pakistan. We are setting highest standards in patient satisfaction, safety and all types of our offered surgeries.
Everyone deserves to be fit. But everyone is not rich enough to afford the heavy expense treatment. Dr.Tahir Yunus at Alsa Pakistan, provides the most affordable surgeries, including Bariatric & weight loss surgery, Hernia repair and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery.
Lose Weight and get Healthy
At Alsa Pakistan, we are committed to providing the best environment for bariatric & weight loss surgery at the lower rates comparatively. Dr Tahir Yunus is rated among the top Medical tourism for bariatric surgery in Pakistan today. For people living abroad where treatment of obesity is quite expensive, it is a good time to get a perfect laparoscopic surgery. We do not compromise any material used in surgery. By ensuring complete sterilization and hygiene standards, we make sure to do successful surgeries.

As the cost of the same surgery in abroad ranges from $10,000 to $25,000, Alsa Pakistan is providing the same surgery at low prices. Dr Tahir is one of the most competent surgeons in Pakistan. Alsa Pakistan uses the best sterile environment for having a hernia surgery without the risks of any infections. We use the advanced technologies for sterilization and have the most stringent policies in the operating room to provide you with safe surgery at international standards.

We use ERAS or ‘enhanced recovery after surgery’ modalities which is the most advanced anesthetic techniques to provide a pain-free surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery. Dr. Tahir is one of the most competent doctors in Pakistan and is always in the front line to serve the nationals as well as internationals at the most reasonable costs.

Gall bladder surgery by Dr. Tahir Yunus
Alsa Pakistan offers the most convenient approach for laparoscopic surgeries towards its patients. The modern method of surgery is a perfect fit for removing gall bladder stones through small incisions. We have state of the art laparoscopic theatre setup with the innovative technology and modern tools & gadgets. Our anesthesia team is capable enough of taking care of critically ill patients subject to advance laparoscopic treatments. The surgeries provided at our place are assured of having safe and healthy after effects. You should get your surgeries done from us because we provide:
Low incidence of adhesion & obstruction
Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery in your Homeland
When it comes to weight loss surgery and laparoscopy, it is a perfect decision to come towards us and get your surgery done. Who says you cannot travel out of the country to get treatment? As a fact, millions of people take a medical tour to various countries to find the surgery accordingly. Medical tourism is a popular way to get Medical tourism for weight loss surgery bariatric as well as laparoscopic surgery as it will give you a significant impact on your pocket.