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As dog owners, our inability to control our pets during excitable times can be embarrassing or harmful to our pet. We often take to heart when our “loved ones” disobey or we feel frustrated when we cannot control our dog’s aggression. We may not really understand what motivates the dog to act, and without that proper understanding we cannot efficiently and humanely teach the dog what we need of them. Bob Warren of Mutt Masters is the leader of the Colorado Springs dog training community. Teaching owners state of the art techniques on how to control their pets, as well as provide the reason for their pets behaviors. Leave it to Mutt Masters dog training Colorado Springs. Since 1974, over 30,000 dog and owner teams have graduated from the Mutt Masters Canine Academy, leaving prepared for a more happy, healthy and controllable relationship together. If you are looking for Colorado Springs dog training, we are here for you and your dog.

The small group and private training classes are held at the Mutt Masters training facility, but if time, distance or needs become a problem we can offer in kennel training or instruction at your home. Each training program is customized to meet the needs of the owner and their dog, whether the goal is better control of the family pet, or for a highly trained family protector. Mutt Masters dog training Colorado Springs is here for you.