How can I determine the fertility of a piece of farmland?


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Below are the steps to determine the fertility of Farmland:

1. Have the land tested for nutrient levels. Soil tests can be used to assess the fertility of a piece of land by measuring the nutrient levels of soil samples. The results can then be used to determine if the farmland is suitable for growing crops.

2. Assess the soil structure. The structure of the soil will also have an effect on its fertility. A well-structured soil will be able to hold more nutrients and water, making it more suitable for crop growth.

3. Evaluate the drainage. Poorly drained soil can cause a decrease in fertility by preventing the roots of crops from accessing nutrients in the soil.

4. Investigate the history of the land. Knowing what crops have been grown in the past can give an indication of the fertility of the farmland. If the land has been used to grow a variety of crops successfully, it likely has good fertility.