GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor A-C100 on Sale!

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GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor Apolo-C100 can compact all kinds of EPS scraps and bulk EPS scarps into a compact size. The compactor machine can compact the volume of Styrofoam as 50:1. It’s similar to make a laptop become a small key on the keyboard. And the compressed density of EPS scraps is 200-400kg/m3. The compact size of the EPS is easy to transport and store in a warehouse. What’s more, it is also applicable to materials including EPS, XPS, and PSP, like takeaway food containers and cups. The system of Styrofoam compactor A-C100 offers great convenience to you.

What’s more, ended up in landfills or sent to the ocean also can pollute the soil and water which is closely connected with us. So it’s better for us to use a machine to compact the Styrofoam in order to make a recyclable circulation. For more details, plz contact us: +1 909 906 0333