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JETBLAST International Equipment LLC offers a complete range of sandblasting machines and materials in Dubai. We are the best sand blasting machine supplier in uae.The Venturi pneumatic blower has a galvanized steel shell and cast aluminum base, and uses compressed air or steam to exhaust steam and smoke from underground storage tanks or other underground locations. It has no moving parts, so it requires almost no maintenance. The housing is made of galvanized steel, which is corrosion-resistant and can be replaced when signs of wear appear. The base is made of lightweight cast aluminum and has standard base sizes. The blower is equipped with an electrostatic grounding sheet to dissipate static electricity and prevent accidental ignition of steam or smoke. It has a built-in steel handle for transportation. The blower can operate at pressures up to 140 psi. Venturi blowers, also known as air horns or ejectors, use the principle of the Venturi effect to ventilate dangerous steam and smoke from underground. The base of the blower is connected to a tank or underground source where smoke and steam exist, and compressed air or steam is introduced into the blower through a nozzle. Its narrow bottom shrinks compressed air or steam and increases its speed as it moves toward the vent on the top of the horn. This reduces the ambient pressure in the horn and creates a partial vacuum, causing smoke to rise through the base and exit through the vents.