Bhoomi : Cloth Pad Large

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What’s in the pack?
01 Bhoomi Cloth Pad Large (Assorted Colour), 1 Flyer.

Price: ₹270.00

Why choose this?
Bhoomi Cloth Sanitary Pads give you wet-free comfort thanks to the luxurious cotton velour cloth touching your skin. They are backed by laminated fabric. Outer Shell is made with PUL (Polyurethane laminate), Cotton Velour fabric, and organic cotton absorbent layers.
Dimensions: 27.5 cm * 17.5 cm.

Key Benefits:
• Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour
• Laminated fabric on the outside makes the pad waterproof
• Contoured shape for a perfect fit
• 5 layers of organic cotton offering excellent absorbency, lasts overnight
• Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene

Care Instruction:
Rinse used pad in cold water repeatedly until the water runs clear. Soak the used cloth pads with a small amount of detergent for half an hour. Agitate well and sundry the cloth pads. At the end of your cycle, toss in all the washed cloth pads that were used during the cycle with your regular laundry load for a thorough cleansing.

Categories: Menstrual Hygiene, Personal Care
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